Building a JAMStack site with Nuxt, Prismic and Netlify

The JAMStack allows you to do some pretty awesome things. With Nuxt, a server-side rendering framework for Vue, and Prismic, a headless CMS that's super nice to work with, you can consume content from a REST API, and render static html files, that can then be hosted on static hosting services like Netlify.

In this demo, we're going to use

  • Nuxt - A framework for Vue js,
  • Prismic - A cloud based headless CMS, and;
  • Netlify - A Static site hosting service

to build a simple website.

Jammin' on the JAMStack

The JAMStack stands for Javascript, API's and Markup. In a traditional website, content is saved in a database. When a user makes a network request for a page, the server requests the content from the database for the page, and a server-side templating language transforms the content into HTML, which is then returned to the browser.

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