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Hi, I'm Richard Huf.

I'm a creative Front-end Developer, passionate about Design Systems, CSS, Vue JS and UX.

Using Node Version Manager and .nvmrc to automatically switch Node versions per project

This is how I use Node Version Manager to run multiple versions of Node locally, and use .nvmrc file to automatically detect and switch to the correct version per project on the command line.

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Fun with ES6 Classes, inheritance, and Vue JS

Here's a codepen experiment using Javascript's ES6 Classes


JS Calculator with ES6 and Babel

I built this JS calculator as an excuse to experiment with vanilla Javascript, and use some of the new ES6 syntax.


Media List PHP App

I recently developed a PHP application designed to query IMDB, get movie information and save a list of your DVD and Blu-ray collection to a database. This was just a personal project to test out some new technologies. It uses the OMDB API, MySQL and PDO for database connection and is hosted on Heroku. Also has the ability for users to create their own accounts. Written from scratch.


Offline API docs at your fingertips with Dash and Alfred

I recently came across Dash, a Mac app that let's you download over 150 API documentation sets.


Highlights from DrupalSouth 2015

As the 2 day conference that brings together Drupal community members from around Australia and the southern hemisphere comes to a close, I thought I’d look back at some of the best parts of the conference. I'll break this post into two parts, as it's taking me some time to write.


How and why I built my blog from scratch

I've recently rebuilt my blog from the ground up. I did this as an excuse to get better at PHP, and have some fun with some technologies I've been meaning to have a play with.